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Free Home & Business Phone:
Get your FREE home or business phone service from companies like Fongo.
You get premium features like a local number, voicemail, remote access and so much more.
At EjiTech, we use Fongo because it saves us money by reducing our operating cost.

Visit the Fongo website to see how they can save you money.

More tips:
If you are leasing your phone from the company, end your lease as soon as you can and buy a phone from the store outright. This can save you over $ 70 – $ 100 dollars a year.Ask yourself if you really absolutely must have all the features you can cram into your home phone, and if you are honest with yourself and the fact that each one costs over  $ 5 per month, you will realize that you can do without most of them and save some money. For the most part, you can get along just fine with the basic service, and an answering machine, which you buy outright (as opposed to renting).

Cellular Phone:
Depending on what you need the cell phone for, you can reduce the cost of owning one. For example, some cell phone providers have plans where you do not have any monthly service fees, and you buy airtime as you need it (Pay as you go plans allow you to buy airtime cards in about $10 increments).  If you just need an emergency phone for your car, hiking trip or just to have on you, this might just be the best plan for you and you will not be stuck with a re-occurring charge of $20 to $ 30 per month which works out to an annual saving of $ 240 to $ 360 that you can use for something else. (Like your savings plan).

Internet Connection:
If what you use your Internet connection for most of the time is to check your email and do light web surfing, you can save money by switching to the lowest high speed package offered by your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) (shop around). You can save $20 – $30 per month by just doing this.  On the other hand, if you are looking for the whole multimedia / Gaming / Video web experience, or do spend lots of time on the internet for work or play, I would advise you stay with the lowest package that meets your internet speed requirements.

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  1. L Gordon says:

    Ejitech presented at Auburn Drive High School today and offered both students and staff a wealth of ideas to help save money. By the end of the session I had already saved 30 dollars a month with a few clicks on my phone! A great lesson for young people to hear.

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