No fee banking and bill payment: You can save a few dollars a month by reducing or even totally eliminating banking fees.  There are a few Banks in Canada now that offer no fee banking (e.g. PC Financial and ING Direct in Canada) where you get free chequeing, free debit card swiping, and an interest rate on your savings which can be as much as 8 times the regular big banks rates (without the big bank fees).  This way you save when you write cheques and also save the 30 – 60 cents fee per debit card swipe transaction that the other banks charge when you go over a fixed number of deposits per month.

Also, these no fee banks tend to give a higher interest return on the balance in your account.The amounts saved here might seem small, but over a period of time, it would add up to a significant amount that you can use on your way to financial freedom.   Every dollar saved counts.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Money back credit cards are the bomb. I’ve had mine from Scotiabank for over a year. I pay it off every month, use it to pay for everything, pay no interest and it has no yearly fees. In July my credit was just over $200. I recently read somewhere that Scotiabank also has a no fee, money back bank account – I intend to check it out!

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