Find your Passion

Do you dread Monday mornings? Are you just living for the weekends?

The secret to looking forward to Monday and every other day of the week is to find and follow your passion.

Happy Passion

When trying to find your passion, remember:
1. Everyone has a passion.
2. You are not alone (many people are still searching for theirs).
3. Once you know what to look for (characteristics), it is easier to find.

Clues to finding your passion:
1. It is usually something that benefits others even as it benefits you.
2. It is something you usually do not start to make money. However if you do it well enough, money may follow.
3. It is something that you will be glad to do almost anytime. Sometimes you have to hold yourself back because you want to keep doing more and more. (The reward is the joy of helping others)
4. It utilizes skills and abilities you already have.

Some places to look:
1. Things you do while you are your happiest.
2. Do you enjoy working with adults, kids, seniors, animals, abstract things?
3. Do you love coordinating, planning, teaching?
4. What are some things your friends keep telling you are good at?
5. What do you feel you are good at?
6. What aspects of being a parent, spouse or friend get you energized and fired up?
7. What are some things you have fun doing even though you worked very hard at them.

Action points:
Start actively seeking these things each day and ask yourself the questions (keeping your eyes, ears and heart open).

You may not have enough time to follow your passion 100% of the time at the moment. However, you can do a few minutes each day of tasks that relate to your passion until you have more time.

I hope this gets your mind going on this.

Let me know what you think by commenting below.

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  1. Sonja Williams says:

    Hi Emo,
    Thanks for all the great information. Was a pleasure to meet you last week at SMU and your session was very interesting and educational. Much appreciated. Will work at putting some of your ideas into practice and looking forward to seeing results.
    All the best,

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