Our Children’s Future

I write this letter to everyone to express a growing concern about the future of our kids because many of them do not understand the concept of basic money management.

Statistic Canada survey shows the average Canadian family today owe $1.60 for every $1 earned.  I am concerned that our kids will grow up without basic money management skills necessary to help them live within their means.

We can either sit back and do nothing or step up and change everything.

I have made a choice to positively influence the future of our children by teaching them how to be better with their money.

I already have a platform, a system and training content.  I am regularly invited to high-schools in HRM to present a workshop about “life after high-school”  (details at www.ejitech.com/howtosavemoney/seminar).

My presentation to kids is about more than money. It includes interactive discussions on:

* Showing appreciation for others.

* Respect for self.

* Confidence in their abilities and future.

* Money Smarts.

* The importance of being themselves.

* The value of education.

* Self control.

* Proper use of technology, especially social media.

* Power of dreaming and goal setting.

The problem is I can only speak at one school a month because I use my vacation leave and only have so much to spare.

This letter is to call on everyone to figure out ways to get the message to more students and more schools.

I watch each year as we all rally together behind Canada during world sporting event. We did it again for the Sochi Olympics.  I believe we can use that same enthusiasm and passion to do something positive for our kids.

Solutions that come to mind:

  1. I can train people (train the trainer) that can go to each school.  (students, alumni, business people)
  2. Create an online platform that students can easily access..

I am confident that if we put our minds to it, we can come up with more practical ways to get the information to our kids.

I am looking for ideas, partners, people and businesses that are interested in exploring how we can make this work.

Use the  CONTACT link to get in touch with us.

Let come together and do something amazing for our kids.  They are our future after all.

Thank you

Emo Ikede  MBA,  B.Sc.
Founder,  EjiTech Group



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